This is not a list of recomendations or advice in any way.

It simply a list of some insurance companies that other people have used.

Do your own research, read the T&C’s and satisfy yourself that the policy you buy is right for you.

Ensure you know the basics of how travel insurance works to help you make your decision.

Premium Bank Account and inclusive travel insurance

Check your T&C’s that it covers winter-sports, what you will be doing (off piste?) and for how long.

MPI Brokers -

Including Seasonaire and long stay.


Ski Cover -

10% BSM Discont but beware different polices have VERY different T&C wording so you can’t compare just by looking at the Benefits/Excess table. (e.g. Voyager Ski will cover off piste without a guide as standard, for the others it’s an upgrade which significatnly bumps up the cost.)

Ski Club -

15% Discount for Ski club GB members but beware of the recent negative press of the company behind this scheme (Travel Insurance Facilities / TIF)

Insure and Go -

Don’t think they cover the return journey.

DogTag -

Can be expensive and don’t think they cover the return journey.

Snowcard -

Alpine / Mountaineering organisations

  • British Mountaineering club (BMC)
  • Austrian Alpine Club (AAC)


There are eleventy hundred and seventeen other companies that also do Travel Insurance.


See the other [Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)](/faq/)