If your looking for new mates that love snow sports as much as you, you’re in the right place.

We welcome experts to beginners of any age and have over 5000 members.

We have regular meets at all the uk snow and dry slope venues as well as running lots of trips to the mountains to suit all budgets and abilities.

We are a non-profit group that means that all our trips, events and merchandise are run at cost with no one getting a free space, not even the event host. We’ve also arranged discounts with some commercial companies

“Everyone saves or no one saves”

Some content is kept on this website but most of the ‘action’ takes place on Facebook


Our members can help with almost any (snow) question - but please take a minute to check if its already been answered first.

We work hard to keep the group a friendly and welcoming place and take a hard line with non-sense, spamming and advertising - please read the club rules on the website or the Facebook Group description.