We are a non-profit group that means that all our trips, events and merchandise are run at cost with no one getting a free space, not even the event host.

“Everyone saves or no one saves”

  • Snow related posts only, no political posts
  • No Advertising
  • No Spammers
  • No Competition Posts
  • No Charity Advertising
  • No Hate speech or bullying
  • No Weirdos
  • No Trolls/Dickheads

You can sell your own 2nd hand gear to other members but keep it to one post and we take no responsibility buyer beware etc…

If you receive a message or a post to your wall from another member that you think is inappropriate, contact an Admin.

Closed Group

Billy Snow Mates is a closed group if you are found to be sharing content in an open forum you will be removed.

We are a closed group for a reason - we have members that are serving soldiers, police officers and teachers that want to keep their activities private.

Commercial Companies

If you’re joining for commercial interests please make read this guide for commercial companies and make yourself known to an admin.

If you join and post an advert you will be removed from the group.

You can contact us via the Contact Us section on the website.

There are some misunderstandings about how things work in the Billy Snow Mates group and some Admins have taken a lot of flak and abuse over the years and so I thought it might help to tell you a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes.

You can see a summary of the in the in the Group Description (upon joining or top right on Facebook when in the group) or on this website - including “No Advertising”.