You can see a summary of the in the in the Group Description (upon joining or top right on Facebook when in the group) or on this website - including “No Advertising”.

First understand that Billy Snow Mates is a non-profit club - run by its members for the benefit of the members. People spend a huge amount of time helping out and organising trips and so forth without any gain. No free places, no kickbacks, no commission, no profit.

We don’t have anything against anyone running a commercial business - we all have to eat - but you have to understand that the focus of the group is to help out other members of the club, we’re not here to help you sell things.

If advertisement posts were allowed it would just clutter up the group, get in the way and ultimately turn people away.

So what can I do?

Honestly ask yourself - “If I post this who is it primarily aimed at helping?”. If the answer is “a member who has asked a question” you’re probably OK (even if you might benefit as well). If it’s “myself - but members should hear this” - you’re probably NOT OK.

See the next page for some examples of “OK” and “NOT, OK” - but if in doubt just ask one of the Admins.

So can I get my mate to post an advert for me?

No - this applies to anyone owning, working for or closely connected to a company.

So can anyone mention my company?

Yes they can.

  • We have nothing against people recommending companies and products they like (or don’t like!) - it’s encouraged as personal recommendations benefit the other members
  • If you’re directly helping members you can also comment - even if you’re mentioning your own company. Again see the examples on the next page.

I’ve provided a discount code so I can post adverts now right?

Sorry, No. You’re listed on the discount page which is available and promoted to all members and other members will often recommend the companies they like and use.

But XXX does YYY why can’t I?

Yup - in some exceptional cases companies have been invited to do this. Usually because they have done something exceptional for the benefit of the members. Don’t ask for this - just be helpful, get known and it will be noted.

Yes but you’ve let XXX do YYY in the past - isn’t that inconsistent?

Yup - maybe it was, sorry! We’re human and it’s a work in progress.

Case in point - who would have guessed 6 months ago that Facebook LIKE competitions (many total crap, some not) would have become such a thing? If allowed they would now totally clutter up the groups newsfeed. And yes - if we’re being honest they ARE a form of advertising.

But I don’t agree with your decision on XXX or want to you reconsider YYY.

Erm…OK. You can message an admin and make your case - it will be discussed with the admin team. But the answer may not change - further arguing is just likely to put people’s backs up.

What if I do wrong?

You may be given benefit of doubt, given a reminder about what’s OK and the post will probably be pulled. If it keeps happening you will be removed from group.

Or if it’s blatant you’re likely to be removed on first offense. Ain’t nobody got time to be full time post police!

Remember - you can always purchase Ads directly with Facebook - we have no control at all over this.

Can I send out Friend Requests to the group members?

Depends - do you personally know them? If so YES. If not then NO - what are you, some kind of stalker?


Imagine you’re a coaching company

  • You post “We’ve got spaces on the coaching session on XXX” - NOT OK, it’s an advert!

  • Bob posts a question “Anyone got any tips on how to do a McPretzle?”

    • You reply with “I’ve seen this great tutorial video on youtube LINK - looks like the trick is to …” . OK - it’s helping the member (and you’re building authority and awareness).
    • You reply with “I’ve got a blog post and video explaining how to do this here LINK.” OK - its helping the member (and you’re building authority and awareness, the link to your site is benefits you of course but it’s primarily helping the member).
    • You reply with “Book a course with us and we will show you!” - NOT OK, it’s not helpful.
  • You post a link to your ‘blog post of the week’ showing some technique. NOT OK - you’re primarily doing this to help yourself. (Some companies have special exceptions, see above).

Imagine you’re a retailer (physical store)

  • Bob posts a question asking about “Which boots should I get for my 7 toed feet?”
    • You reply with “Come visit our store, we’ve got lots of boots”. NOT OK - it’s not helpful, we know you’ve got boots!
    • You reply with “Boots are a very personal fit what works for one doesn’t work for someone else - you really need to visit a store and actually try them on with help from a boot tech, if you’re in the AREA come visit”. OK - it’s helpful.